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  • 03.12.2021
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Vorg | 05.12.2021
Agregame para hablar
Aralmaran | 08.12.2021
Used to chat with someone who insisted he did yard work unnaturally early on Saturday mornings. By the time I woke up, he would be in full swing AND he was on the West Coast so even earlier ... If only I could have been there to give him something more to distract him. 😂
Mausida | 10.12.2021
It makes sense to you that a god capable of creating a universe with trillion of galaxies containing hundreds of billions of stars, did all that just to create life on one tiny planet? This is primitive sheep herder thinking. We know so much more now.
Mokasa | 11.12.2021
For those claiming this is r**e: At the end of the utter movie, they make both Logan and Megan call out their DOB's, current date and admit their not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and were NOT r***d. So chill and love the scene!

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