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  • 29.11.2020
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Yobar | 01.12.2020
Idea 1: Forget about him. Love yourself first, because it's fairly clear from the one sentence you are feeling incomplete. YOU ARE NOT! so quit moping! Take up Art, sculpting, go volunteer at an animal shelter or even a homeless shelter. Go rock climbing, or whatever floats your boat. Or just read some books (anything but twilight or other romance crap) Read a story about true friendship, like the Lord of the Rings books (hint, Sam is the true hero).
Arashijas | 01.12.2020
Adrianna;s come a lengthy way since a Dirty Talkin Step daughter-in-law
Tudal | 07.12.2020
good movie WOW
Fenrimi | 07.12.2020
Hello from Melbourne.
Nacage | 08.12.2020
Omg those hips this angle is everything!

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